2023 Saw Record Number of Abortions in U.S.


A new study found the U.S. saw its highest number of abortions in over a decade during 2023, despite the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down Roe v. Wade and the subsequent wave of state-level bans on the procedure. One factor behind the increase is the increased availability of abortion drugs like mifepristone, which accounted for 63% of all abortions last year.

GOP Attorney General Candidate Claims Abortion Pills Are Laced with Fentanyl

“Republican attorney general hopeful and current Solicitor General Liz Murrill dropped the collab of the summer nobody asked for or expected when she mixed two classic Republican strawmen — the drug war and abortion — into a single, unexpected and wholly unsubstantiated talking point: Nefarious drug pushers are lacing online abortion pills with fentanyl.”

New Orleans Times-Picayune