We Must Remember: Trump Was a BAD President

Pensito Illustration

Jonathan Bernstein in his Good Politics/Bad Politics Substack reminds us of just how bad a president Donald Trump was, and how we have forgotten so much ….

Jonathan Bernstein: “I was one of the political scientists who participated in a ‘rank the presidents’ survey and it was easy to place Trump dead last, given everything. But the truth is that even if Trump had followed and accepted the law, including the Constitutional “emoluments” provision, and even if he didn’t provoke an insurrection in support of his bid to overturn an election he lost, and even if he didn’t have a history of sexual assault, and even if he didn’t regularly make bigoted remarks and encourage bigotry…he was still quite a bit worse at the regular parts of presidenting than any of the modern presidents, at least.”

“It’s hard to know where to begin, and I’m obviously not going to convince anyone in a few short paragraphs or even a full item, but even given how important all that other stuff is his gross incompetency at the job is worth remembering.”


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