Nashville’s Serial Lying Congressman Andy Ogles Sent Christmas Card Glorifying Assault Rifles

Yahoo News: “A Tennessee lawmaker who on Monday offered his ‘thoughts and prayers’ to families of the victims of a deadly school shooting in his district sent out a 2021 Christmas message featuring a photo of his gun-toting family.

“Rep. Andy Ogles, a Republican who represents part of Nashville, posted a statement on Twitter in response to the shooting that killed three children and three staff members at The Covenant School, a private Christian school in Nashville serving preschool students through sixth graders.

In case you may have forgotten Rep. Ogle, he is the MAGA House member who lied repeatedly about his background. As was the case with his colleague in the House Liars Caucus Rep. George SAntos (R-NY), Ogle’s lies weren’t given much play in the press until after he was elected.

The New Republic: “Tennessee Representative Andy Ogles appears to have lied about his background, making him the latest freshman member of Congress to come under fire for apparently fabricating parts of his résumé.

“The Republican says he studied ‘policy and economics’ at Middle Tennessee State University, but an investigation by NewsChannel 5 has found that may not be the case at all.

“The Nashville outlet found a copy of Ogles’s college transcript that he submitted as part of a job application 10 years ago. They also found a résumé from 2009, on which Ogles said he majored in international relations, not economics…

“Last week, a NewsChannel 5 investigation cast doubt on other aspects of Ogles’s résumé, revealing that he exaggerated a career in law enforcement and as an expert on international sex crimes. Ogles claimed that he worked with anti–human trafficking group Abolition International in 12 countries. But Abolition International did not have operations in 12 countries during his time working for them.”


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