Move over George Santos. Meet Rep. Andy Ogle (R-TN), Another Freshman Liar in the GOP House

Lying GOP Reps. Andy Ogle (R-TN) and George Santos (R-NY)
Lying GOP Reps. Andy Ogle (R-TN) and George Santos (R-NY)

News Channel 5 Nashville: “If you believe Middle Tennessee’s newest congressman, he’s not only a businessman, he’s also an economist, a nationally recognized expert in tax policy and health care, a trained police officer, even an expert in international sex crimes.

“But an exclusive NewsChannel 5 investigation discovered that Andy Ogles’ personal life story is filled with exaggerations, a story that’s often too good to be true.”

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Paul Ryan’s First Big Lie As Speaker


Earlier this week, Paul Ryan marked the occasion of his first appearance on the Sunday shows as speaker of the House by telling a whopper. In an interview by Martha Raddatz on ABC’s “This Week,” Ryan took immigration reform off the table because, he said, Pres. Obama had been “proven untrustworthy on this issue.”

That’s rich, since it was Ryan who became immigration reform’s biggest advocate in 2013 — only to pull his support and help collapse passage in the House after a bipartisan bill proposed by the “Gang of Eight” had passed in the Senate with more than 80 votes.

It’s also rich because the real reason Speaker Ryan won’t pursue immigration reform now is because he struck a backroom deal with the fire-eating tea baggers in the House who drove his predecessor, John Boehner, out of office. Ryan traded killing immigration reform for their votes for him as speaker.


Fox News Has Stopped Defending Liar Bill O’Reilly

Over the past week, Fox News has aggressively rebutted accusations that its star host Bill O’Reilly lied about his whereabouts during the Falklands War in 1982. But after a new report challenged O’Reilly’s recent claim that he was present at the violent suicide of a Lee Harvey Oswald acquaintance in 1977, the network declined to defend him. Is Fox blinking?


After Spending 20 Years Irreparably Dividing the Country, GOP Spin Doctor Frank Luntz Is Bummed That the Country Is Irreparably Divided

It’s amazing in the first place that an A-list Republican propagandist like Frank Luntz would allow himself to be profiled by a reporter who was not employed by a media outlet owned by one of his clients like, say, Rupert Murdoch. But he did, and the resulting article by Molly Ball in the Atlantic, “The Agony of Frank Luntz,” reveals Luntz to be, as Wonkette put it, “a clueless conservative asshole with the self-awareness of a rock”:


Lawyers for Dick Morris Threaten Rachel Maddow Because She Characterized the Amount of Money His SuperPAC Launders Through NewsMax As ‘Substantial’

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On MSNBC Friday night, Rachel Maddow reported that she had recently received a very stern letter from lawyers for Fox pundit Dick Morris who objected to a report by Maddow last month on Morris’ financial activities. In the report, Maddow described how Morris paid for advertising on the birther website NewsMax only to recoup the advertising fees when NewsMax rented’s mailing lists. The lawyers did not like the fact that Maddow had described the amount of money Morris laundered through NewsMax as “substantial.”