New Website Collects MAGA-GOPers’ Praise of Putin

I know it is tiresome, listening to Comrade Tucker Carlson and his ilk suggesting that we choose Russia over Ukraine, Putin over Zelkenskyy. But for your convenience, the Republican Accountability Project collects them as they are uttered and preserves them for all to read.

Here’s how they describe what they do:

Only 5 percent of Republicans support Russia over Ukraine, but the MAGA wing of the GOP has continually sided with Putin and against Ukraine.

Current and former elected officials, candidates for office, and media figures who are popular with the MAGA base have a history of pro-Russia comments. Now, they have decided that they should disparage Ukraine and Volodymyr Zelenskyy despite Russia’s invasion. Some of them have walked back their comments once they saw Putin’s war machine target innocent people, but many still see Russia as an ally.

We’ve collected their quotes below to make sure they can never forget where they stood.


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