Cawthorn Draws Primary Challengers with Big Backers

“Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) is throwing his weight behind a primary opponent to freshman Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) — an extraordinary broadside against a fellow Republican from his home state, as internal frustration with the controversial MAGA firebrand reaches a boiling point,” CNN reports. “And Tillis may not be alone. Other GOP lawmakers who are at their wits’ end with Cawthorn are considering endorsing one of his primary foes.”

Found: U.S. Government’s Fake Newscast for 1986 Nuclear Training Session

Gizmodo has uncovered a fake news broadcast created for Mighty Derringer, a large-scale Department of Energy nuclear terrorism training session held in Indianapolis in 1986. It’s pretty good and, yes, pretty scary.

In December of 1986, the Pentagon, the CIA, FBI, the Department of Energy, and just about every other federal agency you can think of came together in Indianapolis for an enormous training exercise code-named Mighty Derringer. The plan was to simulate a nuclear terrorist incident and explore how every agency would react and whether they would cooperate. To enhance the verisimilitude of the war games, the U.S. government went so far as to record a fake news broadcast about a nuclear bomb exploding in Indianapolis.

Watch it here.

DeSantis Impersonates Trump

“As DeSantis spoke, he looked like a man who had been mimicking Donald Trump’s speeches in front of the mirror. He performed a series of hand thrusts, in which he drew his thumbs together until they were almost touching, then jerked them apart in quick horizontal motions, as if he were playing an invisible accordion. After five such accordion pulls, he swung his right hand, thumb pointing up, in a semi-circular motion back inward to the center. DeSantis tweeted out the clip, and any MAGA fan watching, even without the sound on, would have grasped the gist just through the eerie physical impersonation.”

Jonathan Chait

Timken Calls Trans Female Athletes ‘Men’

“As a mom and former college athlete, I know how important women’s sports are. They teach our girls to be winners. But the Biden Democrats want to force our daughters to compete against men in the pool and on the court.”

— Ohio Senate candidate Jane Timken (R) invoked swimmer Lia Thomas in a new campaign ad criticizing rules allowing transgender women being allowed to compete in women’s sports, The Hill reports.