‘Gutless’ DeSantis Coddles Orlando Nazis

Source: matzav.com
Florida’s waffling governor continued his obfuscation campaign this week when he refused to condemn Nazi rallies staged in Orlando last weekend.

According to the Jerusalem Post, DeSantis met calls from the Anti-Defamation League and numerous other entities to speak out against the obviously inciteful and spiteful rallies. Gov. DullSantis’ response — these were just attempts by his detractors to “smear” him and said “We are not going to play their game.”

In his defense, it should be noted that DeSantis did call the Nazis in Orlando “jackasses,” which seems to be his strongest position yet on the rise of neo-Nazism in the United States.

Kind of reminds one of his waffling over whether he had received a COVID booster shot, which prompted Donald Trump to label him “gutless.”

Sorry, Ron, but Nazism is not a game, and no matter what Ms. Pushaw alleges, these were real Nazis, not actors hired by the left, and the menace they represent is real.


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