Dr. Democrat Discusses the Candidates

doctor democratDear Dr. Democrat:

How you are feeling about the 2020 Democratic contenders and who are your early favorites?

I’m impressed big time by Pete Buttigieg, but wish he had a different last name. Also like Kamala Harris and John Hickenlooper (again with the last name! Sheesh!).

Not a fan of Bernie or Biden, but will hold nose and vote Warren, if the need arises.

I’m looking forward to Beto entering the race. He has the GOP running scared.

On the Republican side, I like Bill Weld over the other guy.

Best regards,

Not in the Prediction Biz in Bismarck

Dear Biz:

I’m going to take a good look at Inslee. I like the way he created a lane for himself, re climate change. That shows acumen. But I don’t know enough about him yet. Don’t know enough about Hickenlooper, either.

Also agree that the GOP attacks on Beto are the best argument yet for his candidacy. And as I like to remind: One of our most successful presidents had only served one term in the House (Beto served two) and then lost a senate race before winning the presidency, albeit in a four-way race.

There will have to be a woman on the ticket or there will be trouble. I don’t like Gillibrand. I’m meh about Klobuchar. I think Warren would make a great secretary of the treasury. Kamala’s lack of foreign affairs experience worries me, but there are some weird whisper campaigns going on about her that suggest she’s making the GOP nervous.

No: Booker, Biden, Sanders.

Castro is running for vice president.

I suspect Buttigieg will deliver the keynote at the Democratic National Convention, which will raise his profile and put him in line for the presidency in eight or 12 years.

But after 2016, I’m not in the prediction biz anymore, either.

Yours truly,

Dr. D


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