Ask Dr. Democrat: Impeaching Trump

Dear Dr. Democrat,

Should I be worried that the Democrats appear to have gone all-in on impeaching Trump?

Tangled Up in Tucson

Dear Tangled,

I hope they have more than we’ve seen so far. Knowing Trump, they do.

Fortunately, the standard for impeachment is a very low bar: perjury in
a civil lawsuit unrelated to the president’s time in office. That rules
in just about every infraction greater than a parking ticket.

I also think we’re at an advantage now because the Trumpsters have been
blindsided and so haven’t had time to muddy up the charges like they did
on the Russia scandal. You wouldn’t know it today but there were 10 or
so charges of obstruction of justice in the Mueller report, for example,
and obstruction of justice was one of the articles in both the Nixon and
Clinton impeachments.


Dr. Democrat Discusses the Candidates

doctor democratDear Dr. Democrat:

How you are feeling about the 2020 Democratic contenders and who are your early favorites?

I’m impressed big time by Pete Buttigieg, but wish he had a different last name. Also like Kamala Harris and John Hickenlooper (again with the last name! Sheesh!).

Not a fan of Bernie or Biden, but will hold nose and vote Warren, if the need arises.

I’m looking forward to Beto entering the race. He has the GOP running scared.

On the Republican side, I like Bill Weld over the other guy.

Best regards,

Not in the Prediction Biz in Bismarck


Did Eating Glue Make Stephen Miller Mean?

Dear Dr. Democrat:
Can you explain to me why his third-grade teacher would be “reassigned” to her home for saying Stephen Miller ate dried glue in Santa Monica, California? And do you think eating all that glue is what made him turn out so gosh-darn mean?

— Wondering in Waukegan

Dear Wondering:

Here’s how I suspect it happened. The White House has no pressure point in the California state government. All the elected state officials are Democrats. Dems control both houses of the legislature.The Los Angeles County supervisors are all Dems. They supervise the Los Angeles Unified School District. City of Santa Monica, which is part of LAUSD, is one of the most liberal places in the country. (Tom Hayden was on the city council there for years.)

Dr. Democrat: Racism Is Alive in L.A. and America

doctor democratDear Dr. Democrat:

I’d be interested in your thoughts on how something like this could happen in Los Angeles. I have always said that racism isn’t a place and the South is a scapegoat that allows the rest of the country to feel good about itself with no merit, but lately we (down here) seem not only equalled but bested by everyone else. Portland, for crying out loud? And now LeBron James in L.A.? Huh?

Despairing in Dixie

Dear Dixie:

One of the most famous racists of our era, Andrew Breitbart, lived and died in LeBron’s Brentwood neighborhood. Another famous resident was OJ Simpson.

And, of course, L.A. has a history of racial tension, like the Watts riots in 1965 and the 1992 riots associated with the Rodney King beating and subsequent trial.


Dear Dr. Democrat: Gallup Gives Me Gastritis

Dear Dr. Democrat:

doctordemocratsmallI’ve been reading Gallup polling, and it has me worried, though there seems to be good news and bad news. First, the bad:

The average American’s views of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have converged for the first time in Gallup’s yearlong tracking of the images of the two candidates, with Americans giving each exactly the same favorable and unfavorable ratings. The numbers for both candidates, based on interviewing conducted July 18-25, are 37% favorable and 58% unfavorable. In all previous Gallup updates stretching back to last July, Clinton’s net favorable has been higher than Trump’s.

The current period covers the four days of the Republican convention, but also includes the weekend in which Clinton announced her vice presidential running mate and the first night of the Democratic convention. In fact, when the data from Saturday, Sunday and Monday are isolated, the numbers are even slightly more in Trump’s favor — 37%/58% favorable/unfavorable, compared with Clinton’s 36%/59%.


Dr. Democrat: Don’t Be Fooled by Phony Hillary Email Scandal

doctordemocrat2Dear Dr. Democrat:

In light of this CNN story, which Republican or tea partier do you think will be our next president? Because it damn sure won’t be a Democrat.

Discouraged in Destin

Dear Discouraged:

Don’t be!

Honestly, truly, sincerely, this is nothing. Less than nothing.

Karl Rove wiped 22 million emails in the middle of the U.S. Attorney scandal and the Valerie Plame criminal investigation. Nothing happened to him — in fact, it was barely even a scandal at the time. This is all smoke and mirrors by the GOP. I’ll admit it’s working, but there’s absolutely no “there” there.


Dr. Democrat’s Post-Midterm Postmortem

doctordemocrat2Dear Dr. Democrat:

After the midterm elections last night, I feel like I just want to go into a corner and cry. I think rather than distancing themselves from President Obama, Democratic candidates should have used him to motivate the base. I’m frustrated and not a little frightened about what the Republicans will do now that they hold both houses of Congress.

Depressedly yours,

Devastated in Loserton


Ask Dr. Democrat — Can We Have a Viable Third Party?

doctordemocratDear Dr. Democrat:

The Republican Tea Party scares me. I worry that the Democrats won’t be energized enough to re-elect Obama. Could there be a third way? I’ve heard of this group, Americans Elect, that’s trying to nominate a centrist candidate over the Internet. Do you think that’s possible?

— Worried in Weehawken

Dear Worried:

Movements like Americans Elect are just sad. These people have to know that our system has calcified in a way that prevents the birth of “third parties” — even the fact that we call them “third parties” out of habit is an indicator of this. A healthy political system could sustain multiple parties, not just two or three.

There are only two known ways a new national party can form and become powerful enough to win the presidency: 1) Replace an existing party, as happened in the 1850s when the Republicans replaced the Whigs, or 2) rise up like a brush fire out in the districts, a real grass-roots movement (to mix metaphors, sort of) that starts in local elections, rises up through the state legislatures, governorships and then into Congress. That’s a generational project that has never actually happened before.

Americans Elect and their ilk are seeking a messiah, a post-partisan George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Jesus all rolled into one who is capable of leading us into a promised land of world peace bipartisanship, where the parties govern without all this rancor and bickering. (This has also never actually happened before.)


Dr. Democrat on the Post-Midterm Blues


Dear Dr. Democrat:

I find that since the election I am just really feeling defeated. Reading the news is so painful right now.

Things in Florida are beyond bad. The legislature has no brakes and is loaded with everyone aboard and steering right over the side of the mountain. They have two priorities right now: overriding all Crist’s vetoes, including the ultrasound and education bills; and challenging the recently passed redistricting amendments. The money flowing toward that particular pursuit blocks out the sun.

Nationally, I am disgusted and disheartened as well. I am so ashamed of the Republican women in Congress who joined the filibuster against the Paycheck Fairness Act, and I get sick to my stomach at the thought of people who quote Genesis to dispute climate change chairing the House energy committee.

And if I see one more thing about Sarah Palin or her redneck mean girl children, I will scream.

Will I get past all this? Right now things seem catastrophic and it’s hard to see them as manageable.

Gobsmacked in Gainesville

Dear Gobsmacked:

I don’t mean to trivialize a good catch phrase but I promise you: It gets better. Or, more accurately, for the GOP, it’s gonna get worse, much worse.