Melania’s Blood Red Xmas Trees Earning Hilarious Tweets

If you thought last year’s White House Xmas decorations were bizarre, take a look at the 2018 version. This photo was posted on Twitter by CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller.

The trees are as red as the MAGA hat atop Trump’s farthest right supporters, as red as any communist in Putin’s Red Square, as red as the blood on Trump’s hands for selling more arms to the Saudis to use on the masses they are starving in Yemen.

But the comments on the trees are helping us look on the lighter side, starting with this PhotoShop effort from @chatelainedc:

Or this one, from @Jambrady:

Then there are these early comments, which center around these basic themes.

@cheesetrader1: Okay – so has anyone seen Elmo today? Just asking
@HuntingBigfoot: This amazing display will ease the pain of the GM layoffs.
@kmoboston25: Reminds me of a car wash
@ejtwister: The contrast of the trees with the AstroTurf is quite striking
@answeryourshoe: Nobody does gaudy like those people.

In the War on Xmas, there are many victims. Starting with these poor trees.


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