It’s Time for Us to Make America Great Again

If you’ve ever wondered what living in pre-war Germany was like, and how people could turn a blind eye on injustices they must have known their government was committing, wonder no longer.

The sadness and frustration you’ll feel from reading the Detroit Free Press report of the pending deportation (and in pragmatic terms, death sentence) of a deaf and mentally disabled man for no good reason whatsoever will make you ashamed of what Trump has turned us into. Our country has lost its way.

America wasn’t perfect before Trump came along but it was…pretty great. It’s time make America great again.

Resist, resist, resist. And vote for every Democrat on the ballot this November.


One thought on “It’s Time for Us to Make America Great Again”

  1. You imagine a very dark scenario, and according to you, it’s all Donald Trump’s fault. What you refer to as “injustice” is actually enforcement of the laws that were made to protect the citizens of the United States of America. If a deaf and mentally disabled man is in this country illegally, THAT is the very good reason for deporting him! He’s very resourceful if he has those disabilities, but is still able to get to our country illegally.

    When someone breaks our laws and comes here illegally, it’s NOT our responsibility to take them back home and protect them. Yes, we are a nation of immigrants, but previous immigrants to this country did it legally and without putting extra burdens upon our taxpayers.

    Our country HAS lost its way. For years, everyone looked the other way when ILLEGALS came here. But they kept coming and they multiplied here. Corrupt Americans have aided them and helped them to get financial assistance from our government. So now, it’s very difficult for qualified American citizens to get those benefits, because the illegals already have them.

    They refuse to become proficient in our language, but they are allowed to have driver’s licenses and drive on our highways. That’s very dangerous, but if they cause damage to someone else’s vehicle, they have no responsibility to pay for it. American’s insurance premiums suffer because of it. Many of these people are into illegal drugs, human trafficking and cyber-crimes, which costs Americans billions of dollars.

    These people need to go back to their home land and bring about reform that will help them. We Americans have worked very hard and we have gone to war to make things as they are today, but these illegals come in and take it for FREE. People like you support Sanctuary Cities, but that is an act of aggression against America and your fellow Americans. Enforce our laws! Send the illegals back home and keep them out!

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