4 thoughts on “Clinton Leads Sanders in California”

  1. BEWARE of the UNIVERSE used in any poll or statistic. The DNC (headed by H.Clinton’s former campaign manager) has worked to ensure her being the nominee regardless of Bernie Sander’s being the choice of the people. Our election “process” is a disgrace as are the heavily influenced votes of courted Super Delegates by the H.Clinton establishment machine which will ultimately choose the nominee …unfortunately, not us. It’s a game in which we like to believe we are players even though we suspect/know that we are not.

  2. To Whitney: Hillary Clinton has 3 million more votes than Sanders and hundreds more delegates without counting super delegates. The magical thinking of the Sanders campaign has gone too far.
    Threatening the DNC is hardly doing anything to keep Trump from the presidency. There is no altruism in bringing the convention to a halt. Like the Republicans, Bernie wants to win at any cost and if he can’t win (which he can’t) he is determined to see that Hillary Clinton and the United States lose.

  3. You all better hope Hillary is our nominee, because the Republicans are loving what is going on right now in the Democratic Party. Bernie has some wonderful ideas, but he is NOT a Democrat! Listening this morning a Republican was saying they would love Bernie to be the nominee, because Trump would beat him by a HUGE margin.Why, because once the people stop and realize and hear the attacks from the Republicans all about Bernie Sanders and him being a Socialist, expose all of what he believes in, he would never be elected for the President of the United States, because we are NOT a Socialist country.

    1. First of all, HILLARY IS A CRIMINAL!! That is CUT AND DRY!! SHE NEEDS TO BE IN PRISON FOR TREASON AND MURDER!! There IS NO ARGUEMENT over that!! SHE HAS NO GROUND TO DEGRADE ANYONE!! Sanders is just a plain IDIOT that wants to give everything away…with whose money, TRUMPS?
      Also, I know that the only reason Trumps opponents trash him is because he is a threat to the NWO that bush sr spoke of while he was prez. All those who followed him were doing what needs to be done to prepare for that. Which would come following the declaration of MARTIAL LAW that comes from all the kaos all over the world that is caused by THE AMERICAN POLITICIANS. Yes HILLARY, YOU ARE ONE OF THEM!! Why don’t you just offer yourself up for surrender…Ahh, that would take HONESTY…something you haven’t got!!

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