Let’s Do Math! Republicans, Please Grab a Pencil

Former Pres. George W. Bush on one of his many breaks, which often involved falling off a mountain bike, falling off a Segway, strumming a guitar while New Orleans drowned, and choking on pretzels.

The Obama family is on vacation. That means it’s time for Republicans and tea partiers to take a break from obstructing legislation, nomination approvals, and any other work in Congress (including suing the president for taking appropriate executive action to counter their inaction) to express ginned-up outrage that the people’s business won’t be done if the president takes a few days off.

It’s also time for the rest of us to do some math, based on figures researched by Politifact’s Truthometer:

  • Number of vacation days, in whole or part, enjoyed by Pres. Obama at this point in his term, which on July 20, 2014 happened to be exactly six years and seven months: 92
  • Number of vacation days, in whole or part, enjoyed by Pres. George W. Bush at the same point in his term: 367

Let’s put these numbers in context.

Six years and seven months is approximately 2190 days (sometimes there’s a leap year). For Obama, that means he’s spent 4.2 percent of his time in office on vacation. Bush spent 16.7 percent.

What about weeks of vacation per year, something to which us average working slobs can relate? Obama’s total of 13.14 weeks comes out to about 2 weeks annually, which is what most of us get. Bush’s total of 52.4 weeks translates into about 8 weeks a year.

To put it another way, Bush treated himself to as much time off as a high-level CEO, which was too much time to clear faux brush from his faux ranch in his faux hometown, said no Republican ever.

Obama has conducted himself like the average manager at McDonald’s, but Republicans begrudge every moment he takes off, printing bumper stickers, and twisting themselves into hypocrisy pretzels. Take this ditty from FOX News’ Sean Hannity, never known until now as sticking up for people on food stamps.

[Obama] is living a pretty extravagant lifestyle, isn’t he? Martha’s Vineyard, big expensive vacations, Hawaii, while 50 million Americans, Dana, are on food stamps.

We’re guessing Hannity gets more than two weeks off per year, and that he spends exactly none of it worrying about folks on food stamps.


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