More Whispering about Bush & Cocaine

Chalked up: Late last month, we published rumors here about the President’s alleged possible return to his old cocaine habits. Yesterday, we spotted this:

A source in the media, who has the opportunity to see the president in person regularly, has pointed out to me that Bush appears to be uncontrollably grinding his teeth, or having a jaw spasm, when he speaks.

Reader Eric sent me a link to a video on the Huffington Post (the video is here, their post on an unrelated topic is here) that clearly shows this problem at the end of Bush’s sentences, his lower jaw twitches or grinds. Eric and his friends noticed it too.

I’m told by folks who know that this is something that happens when people do too much cocaine. I’ve also heard that alcohol abuse can do the same.

Any experts out there want to weigh in? The man is our commander in chief during war time, we have the right to know that he’s well.


5 thoughts on “More Whispering about Bush & Cocaine”

  1. O.J. did the same thing all during his trial. I think it’s how people control rage when they are used to venting it all the time instead.

  2. Trish, I agree that jaw clenching is sometimes a symptom of anger controlling, but Bush’s looks different then OJ’s. It looks more involuntary to me. And it happens when he is doing the talking to a friendly crowd, unlike OJ who was sitting and listening to people say he was a killer and he was supressing his rage. I think Bush is doing coke. I have seen people act this way on coke before, and he does a bit of unsavory nose wiping and sniffing when he talks too.

  3. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, you don’t need to look at jaw twitches, all the “boo boos” that turn up on his face regularly, or even the stupid looks on his face when he posed at the command center.


    Oh yeah, he is our first “MBA” preznut — from elite schools no less….

    I understand what you are saying, but the “best evidence” isn’t his jaw, its what he says and does…

  4. Bush is a lazy, incompetent criminal who should have never been elected, if the press had been doing their job. Why was his criminal history not looked into, prior to the 2000 election, particularly his arrest on cocaine possession in 1972 in Houston? Even though that arrest has been conveniently expunged from the public records, there are people in Houston who are aware of it. Why wasn’t this brought forward, so that the American people could just the “moral character” of this man. For Gods sakes, thanks to the right-wing media, we even knew the curvature of Bill Clinton’s penis, but the average American doesn’t even know that Bush has been arrested at least five times! How many people do you know personally that have been arrested five times? And this wasn’t deemed to be relevant in judging his fitness for office????

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