Rumors in the Capital: 22 CIA Leak Indictments Imminent

Radar Magazine:

The D.C. Rumor mill is thrumming with whispers that 22 indictments are about to be handed down on the outed-CIA agent Valerie Plame case. The last time the wires buzzed this loud — that Tom DeLay would be indicted and would step down from his leadership post in the House — the scuttlebutters got it right.

Can it be a coincidence that the White House appears to be distancing President Bush from embattled aide Karl Rove? “He’s been missing in action at more than one major presidential event,” a member of the White House press corps tells us.

If the word on the street is right a second time, we have a bit of advice for Rove: Go with vertical stripes, they’re way more slimming.


11 thoughts on “Rumors in the Capital: 22 CIA Leak Indictments Imminent”

  1. The buzz is getting louder and louder, ever since Stephanopoulos remarked on his Sunday talk show that the president was directly involved.

    The likely vehicle would be through his crusty, trusting aide, Karl Rove.

    Let’s see if there are any Rove citings in the next couple of days.

    If Bush, Rove, Libby, Cheney, DeLay, Frist, and now Blunt all go to the pokey, will we have a real live lady president, just like on TV with Condi Rice…?

  2. I will become a PROUD AMERICAN the day the entire bush admin is exposed and removed from the Whitehouse. Delay is a great start, Rove… better yet… next, will be george… and I’m buy’n a beer for everyone on that glorious day!

  3. Actually, if Bush and Cheney go down, Speaker Hastert becomes CinC. Now that’s really scary. Now if we can wait ’til January 2007 and if the Dems can retake the house…can you say President Pelosi?

  4. ***WE*** are in charge here in the USA….. elected politicians are not gods… they are not kings…. nixon failed to see that…. watergate was a simple little burglary…. this little ‘thing’ sank this most arrogant of presidents….

    outing valerie wilson is A BIG THING…. we all need to be outraged…. at a time that we are at war…. at a time after osama sanctioned the WTC attacks…. at a time that our millions of tax dollars have gone to washington ear marked for security to be wasted (see the incompetant Katrina response) …….at this time, we have the WH, as an act of political revenge, compromising the deep cover of a CIA agent

    this is obvious treason…. a drastic response to treason involving the president and the VP is needed…. the highest security clearances & privilages that rove, libby, cheney & gwb now enjoy need to be permanently revoked….

  5. Let’s pray that we do not have another staged disaster to divert attention! Sadly, I put nothing beyond this gang of thugs..

  6. There have been so many scandals with this dictatorship of GWB’s United Corporations of America. The supreme court voting him in, 7 minutes of My Pet Goat, WMD lie to get “our” oil under Iraq sand!, Patriot act (written well before 9/11), Jeff Gannon, Abu Ghrab prison abuse (Genieva convention does not apply to the president) Terry shiavo – congress can meet quick to change laws for 1 person, Valerie Plame, lack of Hurricane Katrina, and all the cronies who get advanced for no reason. Tha fall of the Bush empire!.

  7. Don’t be surprised if something goes kaboom during the handout the indictments and Osama shows up on TV like the good Orwellian boogeyman that he is.

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