Forget Impeachment — Evict the Bushes!

Squatter-In-Chief:, the on-line casino that has garnered much media attention through its acquisition of such novelty items as the Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich, Britney Spears’ pregnancy test and Pope Benedict XVI’s previously owned VW Golf, has purchased the only known deed to the White House — for $43.45 — on — from the author of “Night of the Realtors.”

While conducting research for his upcoming book “Night of the Realtors”, in which a Canadian realtor sells the White House, seller David Jenneson discovered that the U.S. Government has no deed recording the property ownership for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

According to Jenneson’s eBid page, he sent a written request to the U.S. National Archives regarding the deed. A two-month search resulted in the archives office sending a letter stating they could not find the deed for the White House. After an extensive amount of legal survey and analysis, Jenneson acquired the only known deed in existence.

“The winning bid will acquire a Quitclaim Deed for the famous property, plus a signed copy of my book Night of the Realtors,” said Jenneson on his eBid page.

Unfortunately, is treating the deed as just another oddity. If its owners were true patriots, they would rise up, deed in hand, and evict the Bushes — send ’em packing back to Crawford.

First Bush steals the office of the presidency — twice — and now he’s living rent-free at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in a house someone else owns. EVICT BUSH NOW!


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