Mississippi Governor Blameless…and Republican

I would have missed this great editorial in the Palm Beach Post today, were it not for Florida Politics.

President Bush, who didn’t respond soon enough after Hurricane Katrina, wants to investigate why President Bush didn’t respond soon enough after Hurricane Katrina…

The president says he doesn’t want to point fingers. That’s because so many fingers are pointing at him. Those who work for the president who says it isn’t the time to play politics are playing politics by blaming the conveniently Democratic governor of Louisiana and mayor of New Orleans, while not blaming the inconveniently Republican governor of Mississippi for failing to evacuate all coastal residents of his state.

Doctors should not practice on themselves, lawyers should not represent themselves and, as history shows, presidents should not investigate themselves…

The White House fought creation of the 9/11 commission and offered only grudging cooperation. Then it blocked out portions of the congressional 9/11 report. The Bush administration is quick to place blame. As usual, it’s now moving quickly to escape it.


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