What Went Right: Absolutely Nothing. Next?

Let the spin begin! Bush claims there’s no hurry to investigate the Katrina disaster, but just in case, he’ll head the inquiry. Yeah, that’ll work.


“I think one of the things that people want us to do is to play a blame game,” Bush told reporters. “We’ve got to solve problems. We’re problem solvers. There will be ample time for people to figure out what went right, and what went wrong…”

“We’ve got to solve problems. We’re problem solvers.” – George W. Bush, shortly before his nose spontaneously grew six inches

“It’s very important for us to understand the relationship between the federal government, the state government and the local government when it comes to a major catastrophe,” Bush said.

“And the reason it’s important is, is that we still live in an unsettled world. We want to make sure that we can respond properly if there’s a WMD (weapons of mass destruction) attack or another major storm. And so I’m going to find out over time what went right and what went wrong,” he added.

O.K., let’s see if you were paying attention. What’s Bush going to figure out? What went right! And what is his administration? Problem solvers! And why is it important to understand the role of state and local governments too? So we can blame them!

And in case you weren’t properly scared, what could happen to us? A WMD attack! Wha?

Even Trent Lott, who lost his home in the storm, isn’t buying this load of crap. He’s also downright threatening to FEMA Director Mike Brown, Bush’s pick of the litter for problem solving.

“If he doesn’t solve a couple of problems that we’ve got right now he ain’t going to be able to hold the job, because what I’m going to do to him ain’t going to be pretty,” Lott said on CBS.

At least Bush hasn’t kissed Brown on the cheek, unlike poor Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco. You know it was all she could do not to ralph up her lunch on the spot. AP:

“I know I don’t need to make any other introduction other than ‘Mr. President,’ ” Blanco said tersely, turning the microphone over to Bush after praising emergency management officials during a stop with Bush at an emergency operations center…

The president, looking choked up as he finished his brief remarks, nodded at Blanco and kissed her on the cheek. She nodded back and both left the podium, headed for separate spots in the crowd.

Blanco has refused to sign over control of the National Guard to the federal government and has turned to a Clinton administration official, former Federal Emergency Management Agency chief James Lee Witt, to help run relief efforts.

Blanco was not told when Bush would visit the state, nor was she immediately invited to meet him or travel with him. Blanco’s office didn’t know Bush was coming until told by reporters. Bush spokesman Scott McClellan said the White House reached out to Blanco’s office on Sunday, but didn’t hear back.

If anyone has the video of that kiss, please send us the link.


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