Blanco Hires Former FEMA Director James Lee Witt for Diasaster Coordination

MSNBC just announced that Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco has hired former FEMA Director James Lee Witt to serve as the state’s liaison with federal disaster efforts.

Witt is a native of Arkansas, and was selected in 1988 by then-Governor Bill Clinton to head the Arkansas Office of Emergency Services, and Witt moved with Clinton to Washington to head FEMA, which at the same time was elevated to cabinet-level. Clinton used FEMA more than any other president, declaring disasters 348 times. Witt heads a disaster consulting firm, James Lee Witt Associates, LLC.


One thought on “Blanco Hires Former FEMA Director James Lee Witt for Diasaster Coordination”

  1. James Lee Witt knew what he was doing then and will know what he has to do from now on. This is a clear sign that Lousiiana has no confidence in either the Federal FEMA or with the current director of Homeland Insecurity. This is clearly a good move as it is evident that the Federal Goverment, from the top down, is incompetent.

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