Bush Economy Plunges More Americans Into Poverty Every Year

“Most of that growth in the economy over the last couple of years has gone to higher income people and has taken the form of capital income — interest, rents, dividends.”

For the fourth year in a row more Americans slipped into poverty during 2004, according to a new Census Bureau report.


The nation’s poverty rate rose to 12.7 percent of the population last year, the fourth consecutive annual increase, the Census Bureau said Tuesday.

Overall, there were 37 million people living in poverty, up 1.1 million people from 2003…

The last decline in overall poverty was in 2000, when 31.1 million people lived under the threshold — 11.3 percent of the population. Since then, the poverty rate has increased steadily from 11.7 percent in 2001, when the economy slipped into recession, to 12.5 percent in 2003…

Let’s see, what else was different in 2000? Oh yeah, America still had a working president.

So if the poor are getting poorer, what’s Bush’s economic plan doing for the rich?

Tim Smeeding, an economics professor at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University, says the nation has experienced a shift from earnings income to capital income and capital gains, which aren’t reflected in the Census Bureau’s latest numbers.

“Most of that growth in the economy over the last couple of years has gone to higher income people and has taken the form of capital income — interest, rents, dividends,” Smeeding said.

That’s what I thought.


11 thoughts on “Bush Economy Plunges More Americans Into Poverty Every Year”

  1. This is not the America that I grew up with. What has happen to our country. This is not going to change till we get a President who cares about America.

  2. Disasater, disaster, disaster. When the fuck are you going to wake up people!
    While we dick around doing zero (except Cindy Sheehan) our country is being stolen — lock, stock and barrel — by a bunch of rich, white, middle-aged male scum. A gallows would be too good for these fuckers.
    So America, bend over and hope the isopropol doesn’t sting too much when its done. You’ve fucked us, and we’ll bleed for decades.
    Also — all you charming senior citizens who decided to rule from beyong the grave with your Bush votes? There’s a special place in Hell just waiting for you. See ya there!

  3. Sombody said we get the government we deserve — what did I do to deserve these conniving, evil bumblers? They’ve stolen the election system with their crooked voting machines, so we can’t even get rid of them. What’s to do?

  4. I agree with nihilist. The bush criminals don’t know shit about how to bolster an economy and apparently could not care less about those of us not in the skull and bones fraternity. They cheat, they lie, they steal, they have no honor, no morals, no integrity, no honor, and no vision for American. And most importantly they have never earned anything in their lives honestly and by their own merit. It may soon be time for a founding fathers like radical movement to change this rich get richer and the poor and the middle class become one big shit hole situation.

  5. Do not mistake privlidge for excellence
    A man is not measured by the thickness of his portfolio but by the weight of his social conscience
    Our commonality is our humanity.

  6. The downfall of the Busheviks will be the right to keep and bear arms. They are giving us the tools for revolution and since they took away the value of our votes with their rigged machines, maybe we should use them.

  7. The latest hurricane showed all the weakness of American society and infrastructure.
    Yes, there are helis buzzing around, but there is the lack of coordination – why don’t this shoppers not carry at least bottled water, some fuel or food for the people who are waiting to be rescued. Then this funny approach to fix the levy system in New Orleans with sand bags?!
    Electricity on poles and the majority of Americans left with slow dial up internet connections makes this country look like a third world area.
    On the other hand there is plenty of money to fight wars or to spend on weapons.
    If the latest events don’t wake up people then it will never happen!

  8. Behead the entire Bush administration on Pay-Per-View and give the money to the troops. That is how to support the troops, bring them home now!!!

  9. Wake up you fucking morons, the majority of the people that fell below the poverty line were white non hispanics from economically depress areas, aren’t this the same inbreds fucks that voted for the moron in chief?

  10. My family is well below the poverty line, thanks in no small part to this administration.We are a multi-racial family,I’m disabled, and my husband can’t find a job in the field he’s trained in-he’s driving a cab(and putting around half what he makes into the gas tank every day).We most definitely did NOT vote for the moron,and neither did any of our friends.He STOLE the votes he needed to keep the White House,so the votes didn’t mean squat.
    It’s definitely time to make a stand,and take back this country, and make America what it SHOULD be-of the PEOPLE,for the PEOPLE, and by the PEOPLE-ALL the people,not just the wealthy,and priveledged.

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