THE TICKER – Favor Bush-Sheehan meeting :: MA marriage effort :: No troops for Katrina

  • More than half want Bush to meet with Cindy: Slightly more than half of the country – 52 percent – says President Bush should meet with Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a soldier killed last year in Iraq, who is leading a protest against the war outside Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Tex., according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.
  • Efforts to overturn gay marriage appear to be failing: Political support is fading in Massachusetts for a state constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage and allow only same-sex civil unions. Massachusetts lawmakers vote on the proposal on September 14 in a constitutional convention. Approval would pave the way for a final hurdle — a state referendum on the amendment in 2006. But a senior lawmaker expressed doubts it would get that far.
  • State troops needed in hurricane zone are serving in Iraq: While the Bush administration may convince the gullible that they have made America safer, the crisis brought on by hurricane Katrina reveals the horrible truth: Over 8,000 Missippi and Louisiana Reserves and Guardsmen are engaged in protecting the citizens of Iraq instead of the citizens of their own hometowns.

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