Rangel: Cheney Is Ill So Rumsfeld Is Running the Country

“…I don’t even think Cheney is awake enough to know what’s going on. Rumsfeld is the guy in Washington to watch. He’s running the country. [Cheney is] a sick man you know.He’s got heart disease, but the disease is not restricted to that part of his body. He grunts a lot, so you never really know what he’s thinking. But the guy that talks a lot is Rumsfeld. And that’s where our nation is getting involved in trillion dollar deficits. “

— Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY)


4 thoughts on “Rangel: Cheney Is Ill So Rumsfeld Is Running the Country”

  1. Cheney has been off trying to find a way to push, shove, arm-twist, bully, bribe, blackmail, connive, or otherwise cheat Death. Someone said there was a gypsy up in Wyoming who had a direct line to Satan and might put in a word.

  2. The gypsy with the direct line to Satan… must be Mrs. Cheney. Personally… I CAN’T WAIT………. for them all to….. expire. But, I DOOO think that when this happens… people should handle the toxicity.. of their ‘remain’s.. with extreme caution. Highly toxic……evil…. and all that is unholy……..Cheney is a boil… on the butt of humanity. And.. he’s a lying, thieving, murderous, treasonous, thug.

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