Florida Man “Felt Like Strapping on a Bomb and Attending Governor’s Meeting”

[Editor’s note: This news and opinion web site condemns violence in any form, and would find no humor whatsoever in the prospect of someone threatening the governor of any state but especially Florida in any manner, no matter how much he deserves it.]

A man who blamed privatization for trouble in obtaining his psychiatric medications was first treated, then arrested for threatening Gov. Jeb Bush.

Daytona News-Journal:

Nathan Wayne Stewart, 46, of Tallahassee, called the Governor’s Citizens Services Office several times last Thursday and complained about DCF [Department of Children and Families]. During one call, he said, “If I don’t get my meds soon, I will have to kill someone,” according to an affidavit signed by Special Agent Brian Gaynor…

The office reported Stewart to the FDLE, who interviewed him the same day. Stewart acknowledged he told the operator he “felt like strapping a bomb to himself and attending the next governor’s meeting.”

When asked about the comment again the next day, he told an agent, “I may not be able to afford C-4, but I can get a hold of some black powder and some nails.” He also told agents he was mad at Bush because the governor privatized Medicaid and he wasn’t able to get his medication.

Jeb, as always, immediately grasped his place in the drama, and found himself totally blameless and the victim of sheer caprice.

“When a guy wants to blow your head off it’s not related to politics, it’s related to issues going on inside his head,” Bush said. “There are a lot of people that have mental illnesses and they fixate on elected officials and they play out their problems on them. I have a lot of empathy for people who have those kind of sad issues going on in their lives.”

Yeah, we can all see that, Jeb.


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