Americans Hate “No Child Left Behind” Almost as Much as “No Pump Left Behind”

A new poll shows most Americans aren’t sold on the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act, testing standards, or any of the rest of the crap intended to undermine public schools dreamed up by the Bushes.


When asked directly about the testing being done as a result of the No Child Left Behind law, more than two-thirds said they don’t think a single test gives a true picture of how a school is doing.

Eighty percent said testing students only in math and English fails to show if a school needs improvement…

About a fifth of those surveyed said they’re worried about how schools will get the money they need.

Connecticut is suing the government for what Republicans, before they became the social activist party, used to refer to as “unfunded mandates.”

Regular PR readers will recall that we take a very dim view of Florida’s version of comprehensive testing, the FCAT. Recently, Florida students’ ACT scores were lower than the national average, despite Jeb’s redirecting of the entire public education experience into FCAT prep. See the earlier story.

Meanwhile the No Pump Left Behind (NPLB) campaign is going great, according to a group lobbying for repeal of the NCLB Act.

Unlike their NCLB program to raise test scores and take good care of all children in all schools – a program that has sputtered, faltered and produced little worth crowing about – NPLB has been a triumph of government engineering, achieving high prices at every single pump in every single state.

“We can announce with pride today that there are no malingerers, no laggards and no gas stations guilty of the soft bigotry of low expectations,” proclaimed Federal Gas Mogul, Mr. Donald Petrolowner.

“Unlike the principals and teachers of this nation who have been unable to lift the scores of all children so that all read above average, we have had 100 per cent success.”

“According to our data, every American family can now count on paying inflated gas prices no matter what station they visit and no matter what pump they select.”

Good stuff.


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