THE TICKER – Duke’s defense :: Injustice Sunday :: Kansas hates science

  • Duke asks donors to pay for his criminal defense: Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham (R-Calif.) can’t keep his fingers out of the honey pot, no matter how many times the bees sting him. Now he is asking defense contractors – the very group prosecutors say bribed him – to pay for his criminal defense. Since the Dukester is not running next year, it’s hard to figure why they would.
  • True believers speak out against Christianists: Liberal religious leaders criticized their extremist co-religionists’ rally to back U.S. Supreme Court nominee John Roberts and said wingnuts should not drag religion into his confirmation fight. These folks need to speak up more before Christianity becomes synonymous with intolerance – again.
  • Kansas embarrasses itself on evolution: After months of silly and useless debate, the Kansas Board of Education has moved closer to making their state a national embarassment by approving the teaching of Creationism to its students. The state motto of Alabama used to be “Thank God for Mississippi.” Now Mississippi can say, “Thank God for Kansas.”

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