Fix Is in on Abramoff, His Offer to Flip Top GOP Pols Was Rebuffed – By Top GOP Pols

Now that Republican uber-lobbyist Jack Abramoff has been indicted, it would be standard operating procedure for prosecutors to offer him leniency in return for his ratting out his betters. It would be SOP if our government were not controlled by the corrupt conservatives who were once Abramoff’s playmates. Here’s Josh Marshall:

I hear Abramoff has already tried to [flip], and [has] been rebuffed. And this gets us into questions I think we’ll be talking about a lot.

Why would he be rebuffed?

Decisions like that go right to the top. And since Abramoff’s shenanigans are closely tied — to be generous — not just to members of Congress (DeLay, Ney, Burns, et al.) but to key GOP power players (Norquist, Reed, et al.) and quite probably Karl Rove himself, you can see why he (i.e., Abramoff) might have a harder time than your usual perp cutting a deal to implicate those above him.


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