Schwarzenegger’s Massive Failures as Governor Make Him the Prime Candidate for the GOP Nominee in 2008 describes this article from Unconfirmed Sources as “satire,” but we’re not so sure. Apparently the new Republican paradigm is to annoint as leaders those who excel in incompetence and as liars. Schwarzenegger would seem to be fit the bill.

Unconfirmed sources report that Arnold Schwarzenegger is being considered the front runner in the race to be Republican nominee for President in 2008. Schwarzenegger’s slide in the polls has proved, despite constitutional hurdles, that he has the right stuff to be a Republican President…

Schwarzenegger’s plummet in the polls is attributed to his reckless financial plans, vilifying of nurses and school teachers, and tightly controlling the access of the media to his public appearances. All of which is scoring points with Republican big wigs in Washington. Republicans need to see that a candidate is mean enough and divisive enough to the top dog in their party.

The similarities between the current President Bush and Schwarzenegger have become striking as the two become the center of the Republican party. Both where elected by landslides of popular support from across all parts of the country. Both have shown an amazing ability to build consensus within their own party. Both have seen their poll numbers plummet since February. And both have failed to arrest plunging poll numbers by launching new advertising campaigns to promote their agendas.


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