Harris Hires 2000 Co-Conspirator Who Overbilled and Destroyed Files

Funny how so many toadies from the 2000 Presidential election are coming out of the woodwork again. First there was John Roberts, who gave so “freely” of his time to strategize a Supreme Court case in favor of Bush. He was recently paid back in full, with a nomination for a lifetime appointment on that very panel.

Now there’s Katherine Harris’ faithful lackey, Adam Goodman. The St. Petersburg Times paints a portrait of Goodman, who will help Harris run against Sen. Bill Nelson, today:

Amid the public snubs from top Republicans and the grim poll numbers showing Nelson drubbing Harris are the whispers from fellow Republicans that Goodman is just out for a buck. Word is that his firm, the Victory Group, stands to make more than $1 million on the race.

“Ka-ching,” said Rick Wilson, a political consultant who used to work with him. “It would be hard to ignore the temptation of that much money, even if you cared about the odds.”

Goodman…hinted that his deal with Harris called for him to get a bonus if she wins.

Back in early 2001, according to democrats.com, Goodman and Harris were trying to figure out how to bill Florida for something surely all states would have wanted to pay for – helping get George Bush installed as president. But the two had a little trouble arriving at the right price.

Secretary of State Katherine Harris tried to have the state pay $12,000 to a Republican operative who she has maintained was a volunteer working out of her Capitol office during last year’s presidential recount…

She was responding to an April 3 note from Goodman suggesting that she pay him $20,000 from an as yet nonexistent campaign account for his work…

[I]n her April 9 reply to Goodman, she wrote: “As we discussed in DC — You said $12,000. I am not trying to be weird about this because I want to pay you what you deserve, but they have been working on this since I returned. Now you say $20,000. I am confused — they will be, too. This is a delicate matter.”

It is unclear in the correspondence who the “they” were that Harris referred to.

Probably the same press corps who doctored her photos with all that extra make-up. Goodman never did get paid that time, but it sounds like he learned his lesson and plans to make up for it now. We might have gotten a further preview in 2000 of the lengths to which he is prepared to go.

[Harris] returned to the headlines last month thanks to The [N.Y.] Times article, which reported that Harris’ lawyers said the computers Goodman and Stipanovich used had essentially been wiped clean — a possible violation of Florida’s public records law. Harris’ office later recanted that story and, after initial resistance, allowed a media consortium including The Post to hire a nationally known data recovery company to examine the computers.

That review found hundreds of documents that had been deleted, including a political speech written by a Harris press aide in early 2000 endorsing George W. Bush for president as well as draft memos of a public statement that showed her position shifting over a span of hours from one that favored Gore to one that helped Bush.

Whatever works, I guess. Look out, Bill Nelson.


2 thoughts on “Harris Hires 2000 Co-Conspirator Who Overbilled and Destroyed Files”

  1. Traitor Harris is getting what was promised to her in 2000 for her criminal acts with the vote count. The first step was the Congressinoal seat, now it’s the Senate. No doubt the slime who sanction her (“they”), have guranteed she will win, for “they” have Traitor Diebold in their pockets, too.
    When the sleeping voters wake up and put in a new administration, Harris, and her do-alike in Ohio, Ken Blackwell, should be tried in an independent courtroom on charges of High Treason for what they’ve brought to his nation and to its Military. Once a new administration comes into office, all of the acts and laws signed by the Traitor Bush, should be null and voided, retracted, and revoked.
    Down with the infidels!!

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