Poll: In a Word, Bush Sucks

According to a recent Pew survey, one-word impressions of George Bush were slightly more negative than positive (40% vs. 36%); 12% were neutral or not clearly positive or negative. As with several previous surveys that have tapped this top-of-the-mind association with the president, the most frequent response was “honest.” Close behind were two negative (yet accurate) terms: “incompetent” and “arrogant.” Other frequently mentioned positive terms included “good,” “integrity” and “determined.” Other popular negative words included “liar,” “stupid” and “idiot.” Common neutral or ambiguous responses included “fair,” “aggressive,” and “adequate.”

I don¹t know what it means, but it’s interesting to note that “sucks” was in the February poll but is absent in the July survey. Personally, I still think Bush sucks.


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