Supreme Court Announcement: You’re Getting Sleepy, Very Sleepy

Team Bush is out of ways to deflect the Rove scandal. Not.

Tonight’s Supreme Court announcement will leave reporters and the public scrambling for details. Tomorrow’s papers will relegate Karl & Ko. to page 2 – or worse, to the abyss where the Downing Street Memo vaporized – and we’ll all have something else to talk about.

The big question in the days that follow is not what Bush will do, but how the press will respond. Will they drop Rove like a hot fried tater tot and go scampering off as directed, or will they stay on the job, sniffing out the truth? Will White House Spokestool (thanks, WTF Is It Now) Scott McClellan begin loving his job again, or will he continue to have good reason to phone it in?

The answer will tell us whether Bush’s recent troubles are a passing setback from which he will emerge stronger, or if they signal a true sea change. I’m cautiously optimistic that for Bush, the bad times are here to stay.


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