Happy Bestiality Follow-up

Lucky got lucky. The Florida guide dog whose owner was arrested for sexually abusing it (see previous post) has been adopted.

The yellow Lab was being held at the Tallahassee-Leon Community Animal Service Center since being voluntarily relinquished by its previous execrable owner.

Tallahassee Democrat:

“He seemed so sad, but as soon as he got on a leash he was excited and bouncy and ready to get out of there,” [Lucky’s new owner, Stacy Cintron] said.

She adopted him that day.

“He’s fine,” said Cintron, who will study clinical exercise physiology and sports administration. “He is very playful; he’s 9 years old, but he seems like a puppy.”

The court date for Alan Yoder, Lucky’s abuser, is Aug. 2. I hope area animal activists turn out in droves to let him know how they really feel about him.


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