Poll: Support for Bush and War Drops in North Carolina

President Bush will plead for support in a speech tonight that will be televised live from Fort Bragg, NC. There’s no doubt Bush has support on the military base, but among the Tarheel state’s permanent 8 million or so residents, not so much:

[A] statewide survey, conducted over the weekend for The News & Observer and WRAL-TV, found that 42 percent of active voters agree the war has been worth it, but 49 percent say it has not.

That’s a sharp erosion in support for the war since January 2004, when Bush defended the invasion of Iraq in a State of the Union address that kicked off his re-election campaign. Back then, the survey showed that 58 percent of Tar Heel voters said the war was worthwhile…

In all, 43 percent of the respondents said they approve of establishing timetables for bringing troops home. Forty-four percent disapprove of setting a timetable, with 13 percent not sure.


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