Make Your Street Downing Street

How I decided to go into P.R. and marketing is a long story, but “We Are Everywhere” by Chicago 7/8 “conspirator” Jerry Rubin is tucked on my shelf between the A.P. Stylebook and Roget’s. What Rubin called “theatre” back then we now term “guerilla P.R.,” “word of mouth marketing (WOMMA),” and viral marketing, among other things.

That’s probably why I love this idea, posted in the comments at, so much.

1. Paint Cardboard White – Then Print ( DOWNING STREET ) On Cardboard

2. Then Tape SIGN To Your Local… Street, Road, Highway Sign – NOW – Repeat

3. Hang ( DOWNING ST. ) Sign Under Your Mail Box

4. Downing Street – On A Stick – As A Yard Sign – What-Ever

Inspired by: snowho. Let’s do it People… ECs

Help Make Every Street… ” Downing Street ”

Until Bush Is Impeached !

Paste… ( Downing Street ) Over Every Street Sign… Across America

OGC adds… And Around the Planet Earth ( )

Add You & Yours… To this Listing…

Copy, Paste And

Pass It On


More info @


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