The Low Bar for Impeachment Was Set by Republicans

The atmospherics for the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney may not be right until two years from now but it’s never too early to be informed about the mechanics and consider the options that confront us. Writing in Democrats & Liberals, Bert M. Caradine, editor of That Colored Fellas Weblog, examines current thinking on what is – and is not – an impeachable offense.

He also reminds us about the four Articles of Impeachment lodged against President Clintons by the Gingrich-Dole Republican Congress. The first three were related to the president’s sex lie in the Paula Jone’s case. But the fourth article has some saliency today:

Article 4 – ABUSE OF POWER

The President misused and abused his office and impaired the administration of justice.
1. The President made false and misleading public statements for the purpose of deceiving the people of the United States;
2. The President made false and misleading statements to members of the Cabinet and White House aides;
3. The President frivolously asserted executive privilege;
4. The President made perjurious, false and misleading statements to Congress.

Looks like a slam dunk to me!


One thought on “The Low Bar for Impeachment Was Set by Republicans”

  1. Bush is not going to be impeached. Not even in your dreams. But don’t let that stop you from devoting your every waking hour to such a completely futile exercise in emotional self-gratification.

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