Republicans Eating Their Own Too

Did you see this AP blurb?

A maverick Republican congresswoman has gained a symbolic victory over the House leadership and the Bush administration on the issue of drug reimportation.

Lawmakers gave voice-vote approval to an amendment introduced by Rep. Anne Northup of Kentucky. It would prohibit the administration from negotiating future trade agreements that would thwart imports of lower-cost medicines.

Northup fears trade agreements could be used as a “back door” way of trying to stop Congress from passing a bill to legalize the reimportation of U.S.-produced drugs from other countries.

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay predicted Northup’s amendment will be dropped “somehow.”

Can somebody tell me why Tom DeLay lives and breathes? Or why he does it in the frickin’ House of Representatives?

Anyway, looks like continuing evidence that Bush’s idiotic policies are losing their blind appeal among the Republican elected officials who have to do the heavy lifting for them.


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