Governor Says Gay Texans Should Move to a More Gay Friendly State

Texas Governor Rick Perry is in some political hot water. Conventional wisdom is that Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson is coming home to run against him in the primaries next year. And a few months ago, there were pesky rumors that Perry was having an affair – with a man! All of that may explain why he’s coming on strong as an unrepentant homophobe:

Local NBC Anchor: “Among the protesters were gay veterans and their partners. We asked the governor about his take on gay veterans, many of whom may one day have fewer rights than everyone else.”

Rick Perry: “Texans made a decision about marriage and if there’s a state that has more lenient views than Texas, then maybe that’s a better place for them to live.”

If you are reading this and you are a Texan, you should be hopping mad! Go vent –


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