Quit Being Such a Bunch of Democrats!

Here we go again, performing hari-kari so all the Republicans have to do is step on our pointy little heads and put us out of our misery.

An A.P. story that ran all over the place, including USA Today is quoting Joe Biden and John Edwards (for whom I voted in 2004) as saying Doktor Howard Dean (hey, if it’s good enough for Condi, why not use it for a real M.D.?) went too far when he made the shocking observation that the GOP is the party of wealth and privilege.

Edwards responded that Dean “is not the spokesman for the party.”

Dean is “a voice. I don’t agree with it,” Edwards, a former senator and the Democrats’ vice presidential nominee in 2004, said Saturday at a party fundraising dinner in Nashville.

Well, let’s see, Johnny. Howard Dean is the chairman of the Democratic Party. That makes him pretty much the guy who speaks for Democrats, aka, the Spokesman for the Party.

What really burns me is while we’re so busy throwing ourselves on the flames of penance for “going too far,” the Killer Whales of the Republican Party (great name for a rock band) are gloating and coming out smelling like roses.

Asked about Dean’s remark about Republicans and honest living, GOP chairman Ken Mehlman told NBC’s Meet the Press: “I’m not sure the best way to win support in the red states is to insult the folks who live there. I think that a better approach might be to talk about the issues you’re for.”

Hey Ken, would you like some sanctimony with that hypocrisy?

I can’t remember a single campaign since I’ve been able to vote (lo these many years) when the Republicans took pains to paint the opposition as anything but moronic, tax-and-spend, Ivy League, Commie, feminist/homosexual/anti-nukular family, bleeding heart liberals.

It’s our own fault that sleezebags like Ken Mehlman look noble and pure. We do this to ourselves. Joe, John, what do you think you gain by throwing Howie under the bus? Yes, he can’t be trusted with a microphone. Yes, he says stupid things. But he’s our idiot and we have to stand behind him. Did the Repugs get where they are today by saying W. needs to attend a Toastmasters meeting? Hell no! They watch his remote-controlled, microphone-humped backside. When are we going to wake up and start doing the same?


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