Ominous News About the Draft from Florida

Why is Washington making sure Florida’s draft board is at capacity?

The Gainesville Sun:

What the federal government is looking for are at least 78 Floridians willing to serve on draft boards even though the nation has not had a draft for 25 years.

“These local folks would decide cases that involve individuals who may be claiming a hardship, or that they are a conscientious objector, or ministerial student, or member of the clergy, or have some other reason why they believe they should not be drafted,” said Dick Flahavan, associate director of Public and Intergovernmental Affairs for the Selective Service System.

Hmmm. Doesn’t sound good. And, the government wants you to know, you’ll need to available for extra hours in the remote chance the draft is re-enacted. Remote. Right.

The time commitment is minimal during peacetime, Flahavan said…However, the time commitment could increase significantly during a draft.

Have no idea if the government is trying to make sure all draft boards are ship-shape but I’d be very interested to hear if the call is going out nationwide. Please make a comment if this is happening in your state.


8 thoughts on “Ominous News About the Draft from Florida”

  1. It’s pretty obvious that the Bush administration is preparing to reinstate the draft. They’re just waiting for the next major terrorist attack to justify it. It will be almost impossible to reinstate the draft otherwise, at least not without getting their nether parts handed to them afterwards. But after the terrorists attack again, ah….

    My prediction…the draft will be reinstated within 60 days of the next major (or even semi-major) terrorist attack within our borders.

  2. The only thing left is for BushCo to cook up another 9/11. Probably won’t need to kill 3,000 this time, though.

  3. This is a comment from a 70 year old.
    Jingoists should refrain from reading any further.Cut the crap about my country tis of thee.
    ltfranklins comment : close but no seegar.
    pensitologins comment :you get one from Fidels personal stash.
    Bushco does not have to wait for a
    terrorist attack.They are the terrorists.

  4. Bush and his fascist adminitrstion will indeed attack us again or allow an attack, so they can draft our children to send them off to fight in an illegal war for oil. It’s just obvious to me. Support for the illegal war and this illegitimate administraion is falling to new lows. All that can save this war criminal now is another “surprise” attack on our soil and a media that prifits from , truth be damned.
    If the attack OR the draft take place WE need to revolt agaisnt this revolting cabal of criminals.

  5. Our military is stretched so thin that any sort of big emergency – terrorist attack, expansion of the Iraq war to Syria or Iran, or scramble over North Korea – would automatically reinstate the draft.

    Let them take the kids of Republicans and Independents first.

  6. Let’s not forget that there is a de facto draft going on right now. It’s call the Stop Loss order. Many of our troops are forced to stay in Iraq long after their service commitment has been satisfied. For example, a serviceman stationed in Iraq, whose term of commitment was to expire on 6/1/2005, doesn’t just get to pack up and go home on that date. Rather, he has to stay until the military sees fit to ship him home, or he gets carried out of there on a stretcher or in a body bag.

  7. There are a number of good articles on this subject. Do a google search on “Military Stop Loss Order”. What’s really interesting is that the “liberal” media rarely reports on this form of involuntary service.

  8. We can predict and complain all we want.

    We can also volunteer to join those draft boards and have a say in who gets the honors. We can also research with our kids on how to assemble a package to present themselves to the boards as a Conscientious Objector.

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