Warren Beatty Slams Das Guber on Politics and Spending

Speaking at the commencement ceremony for students at the Goldman School of Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley, Warren Beatty delivered a stinging indictment of CA Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Chiefly, Beatty poked at Das Guber for borrowing $15 billion from Wall Street, which ran up the state’s deficit to $30 billion – after which, Beatty noted, Schwazenegger cut funding to education, health care and emergency services and went on the attack against public servants like teachers, nurses and firefighters, labelling them “special interests.”

Naturally, rather than report the substance of Beatty’s criticism of the governor’s record, the MSM has re-cast the story around speculation that the 68-year-old actor and 40-year political activist plans to run against Schwarzenegger next year, forcing Beatty to clarify that he will not be running for governor anytime soon. “[A]lthough I don’t want to run for governor, I would do one hell of a lot better job than he’s done,” Beatty said. “I could name you a lot of Democrats who would be so much better than I would, and maybe even a few Republicans.”


One thought on “Warren Beatty Slams Das Guber on Politics and Spending”

  1. What Beatty & others of his political stripe fail to grasp is that there are voters like me out here who elected Arnold on the premise that he would restore fiscal viabiity to California, & who therefore vote for any measure the governor reccomends, regardless of whether I’ve even read it or fully understand it. In short, if Arnold says it’s ok, it’s ok.
    You get that, Beatty?

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