Washingtonienne Outs GOP Official as Fan of Spanking

Karena’s Blog:

Last year, Robert Steinbuch, legal counsel to right-wing Republican Senator, Mike DeWine, ended up in this girl’s blog. Jessica Cutler, an aide to (R) Mike DeWine, wiled away her office hours blogging about her sex life. According to Cutler, who blogged under the pen name, The Washingtonienne, six men on Capitol Hill were her current lovers, including one Bush appointee.

Her tale included lurid details of sex-for-pay, anal sex, and bondage. On her blog, she referred to her lovers by initials only. DeWine fired Jessica for improper use of Senate computers and other bloggers, including Wonkette, who exposed the story, and Calico Cat who uncovered details about “RS,” launched the story into the blogosphere. The lover that Jessica referred to as “RS” was quickly identified as Robert Steinbuch. However, it was already known around the Senate office that the pair were engaged in randy sleep-overs. Jessica had blabbed to her office mates about Robert’s passion for spanking.

Robert Steinbuch, now Senior Deputy Counsel for the IRS, claims he suffered emotional trauma and humiliation when Jessica revealed the lurid details of their sex life on her blog. In his suit, posted by The Smoking Gun, Robert Steinbuch says, “It is one thing to be manipulated and used by a lover. It is another thing to be cruelly exposed to the world.” You can read the entire legal filing on The Smoking Gun.

What is Steinbuch thinking? First of all, this cruel exposure happened over a year ago and no one even remembers this guy. Jessica has a book deal, but who the heck would buy her book? And even if it’s a best seller, what private details were in her blog and upcoming book that could have caused this recent bout of emotional distress for Steinbuch?

What’s behind this lawsuit? I find it hard to believe that “hand-cuff man” just wants his day in court. Why would he put himself through that mess? Maybe the right-wing is trying desperately to prove they’re heterosexuals. Maybe that is why Ms. Mary Carey is going to Washington. Bring out the babes to detract from Jimmy Jeff Guckert Gannon, Neal Horsley, and horse wanking “W”. Is this part of a well-orchestrated Rovian plot to out right wingers as heterosexuals?


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