Because We’re Republicans, That’s Why

Arnold’s going nationwide in his Rules Were Meant to Be Broken Tour.

Today’s Miami Herald says what Arnold and Jeb are doing doesn’t have to make sense, it just has to make money.

The California governor is trying to raise about $30 million for three ballot initiatives designed to help him bypass the legislature by setting up an independent commission for redistricting, increase qualifications for teacher tenure and impose a spending cap on the state budget.

The fundraising swing will also take Schwarzenegger to Orlando, Chicago and Dallas in the next three days.

Critics say both Bush and Schwarzenegger are hypocrites. They note Bush doesn’t support Democrat-backed efforts in Florida to create an independent redistricting commission, and he has called for rolling back the citizen initiative process, saying it has been corrupted by out-of-state money. ”The hypocrisy is thick,” said Ned Wigglesworth, from the California campaign finance watchdog,

Even talk-your-way-out-of-any-contradiction Jeb seems unequal to the task of explaining how this one could possibly be consistent with his efforts in Florida.

He wouldn’t comment on the criticisms, responding to a Herald reporter’s email only by saying: “I support the governor.”

The end is in sight for Florida at least (read on). Let’s just hope the Bush dynasty ends for the nation too.


2 thoughts on “Because We’re Republicans, That’s Why”

  1. Being a Californian, (at least this week) I am outraged. Not at “Ahnold” raising soft money out of state in order to subvert our legislature — it’s just so wrong on so many levels but that’s typical behavior for the fascist/Republican party in the last few years.

    What gets my goat is the absolute lack of coverage in the media of the damn fool raising money out of state in order to further his nefarious plans.

    No dialogue in the press, just “business as usual. Nothing to see here folks, move along.”

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