Schwarzenegger Considers Unleashing the Whirlwind

Gov. Schwarzenegger’s minions have collected enough signatures to put three of his initiatives on the ballot of the special election he has threatened to call this November. The three propositions would place (yet more) arbitrary controls on spending, do a “DeLay” (which in Texas they’re calling “Tommymandering”) on California’s electoral districting and delay tenure for public school teachers.

During the Recall election, Arnold undertook not a single serious interview with the media. He assumes he can win any political battle by doing what he did then – going on Oprah, “Entertainment Tonight” and Jay Leno’s show, flashing his fake teeth and doing his lame-ass “Everything is terrific” portrayal of Reagan.

Last week, Das Guber did two softball interviews on Fox News, the new last refuge of scoundrels. If he decides to hold the election in this off-year, not only will it cost a minimum of $70 million in state election funding, it will expose our pampered movie star governor to something I’m not sure he’s tough enough to take: Hardball questions from the state’s hard news media – and the unmitigated anger and disdain of millions of voters.


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