One Party Rule: Court Dismisses Cheney Task Force Charges

This is why the Republicans are doing everything in their power to pack the courts with rightwing judges:

A US appeals court has thrown out a lawsuit that sought details about Vice President Dick Cheney’s 2001 energy policy task force that critics say secretly formed policy favourable to the industry.

The unanimous ruling ordered a federal judge to dismiss the lawsuit by the Sierra Club environmental group and the watchdog group Judicial Watch that sought to learn about contacts between task force members and industry executives.

“We hold that plaintiffs have failed to establish any duty, let alone a clear and indisputable duty, owed to them by the federal government” under the law in question, the Federal Advisory Committee Act, Judge A Raymond Randolph wrote in the 13-page ruling.

All eight judges on the appeals court sided with the Bush administration and agreed the lawsuit must be dismissed.


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