Lost in Translation

Sometimes the facts speak for themselves, and this is one of them. What can I add to this, posted by the American Advertising Federation?

Bush States Indecency Position, Then Clarifies

President Bush said he supports extending indecency standards to cable and satellite programs, currently exempt from such regulations. Responding to a question on cable and satellite indecency at the American Society of Newspaper Editors convention, where he was a speaker, Bush said, “Yes, I’m for that. I think there ought to be a standard. On the other hand, I fully understand that…the final decision is a parent turning off the TV.”

Later, a Bush spokesman said the President does not support extending indecency standards to cable and satellite programs, saying he was referring to House legislation from last year that would raise fines broadcasters pay for airing indecent material.

The idiot has no idea what he thinks, unless whoever is on the other end of the wire under his suit tells him. In short, one-syllable words. Speaking very slowly.

Reminds me – really good Borowitz Report recently.

During a speech in Flint, Michigan today, President Bush sent shockwaves through the debate about Social Security by admitting that he no longer understands his own proposal for revamping the nation’s retirement program…

“I have read it over and over and over again, and I’ve got to tell you, I do not have a clue what it means,” Mr. Bush told his audience…

If I didn’t KNOW it was satire…


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