More Bad Polls for Bush and GOP

CBS News:

President Bush doesn’t fare very well in the latest CBS News poll with an approval rating of just 44 percent and still limp support for his proposed Social Security overhaul.

But at least he’s doing better than Congress, which earns a thumbs-up from only 35 percent of Americans – nearly as low a rating as it received last month immediately after lawmakers’ unpopular intervention in the Terri Schiavo case…

[President Bush’s] overall approval rating remained little changed at 44 percent, but his disapproval rating climbed above 50 percent for only the third time since he took office.

And despite the president’s efforts to rally support for his Social Security plan, seven in ten Americans say they’re uneasy about his approach to the issue.

More people (49 percent) say the president’s plan to partially privatize the system is a bad idea than say it’s a good idea (45 percent).

Significantly, there’s been no increase in support for Mr. Bush’s Social Security plan since he and other Republicans began actively campaigning for it in January.


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