House to Consider $8 Billion Tax Break for Energy Companies

Washington Post:

The House this week will consider $8 billion in tax breaks targeted to the energy industry at a time when some of those companies are enjoying soaring profits from high consumer prices.

The vast majority of the tax breaks would benefit companies that produce and supply traditional forms of energy, with a large portion going to the oil and natural gas sector.


One thought on “House to Consider $8 Billion Tax Break for Energy Companies”

  1. Before legislature considers give tax breaks to their corporate buddies, they should focus on using tax money obtained from oil and gasoline toward the building of efficient oil refineries. Give the tax breaks to people working toward alternative means of transportation, such as hybrids and renewable energy. The leaders of America should be focusing on a strong network of public transportation. A great majority of commuters in this country travel to work alone by automobile. I am speaking as a first hand witness from the suburban areas just outside New York City, an area where, even with the outrages prices of gasoline, the rail system is a more expesive commute than driving. This reality is ludicrous and should be fixed. How can this country expect to prolong without an efficient means of public transportation, one that can at least equate to that of Europe.

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