This Is What It Sounds Like When Scandals Dovetail

The Schiavo memo was written by Sen. Mel Martinez’ staff attorney, one Brian Darling, who is a former staffer for none other than … Tom DeLay.

None of these dots are being connected for John & Jane Q Public by the media, of course. The cablers have been fixated on the Pope’s funeral, now its 15th year. Wait, no – that was the Schiavo coverage. Teed up for the weekend is the Royal Wedding. Next is coverage of the funeral for Prince Ranier. Then who knows – maybe another Very Famous Person could die. If DeLay is lucky – and God knows he is – his troubles will all blow over before the likes of Judy Woodruff and Tim Russert take notice.

Imagine if it were Hillary Clinton who’d been connected to four scandals in one week. The DC Kool Kids would have decamped from Rome on the first plane to Chappaqua. Buh-bye Pope! Have a nice eternity.

Meanwhile shoes are dropping in rapid succession around Tom DeLay, and the reaction by the Washington press corps barely rates negligible.


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