Poll Drop Forces Change in Plans for Gubernator

First came this – new poll numbers showing that Californians are finally seeing through Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s gimmickry and media manipulation.

Then came this. Schwarzenegger does an about face on his threat to go over the heads of the Dem-controlled legislature and take his risky pension privatization scheme to the public via a ballot initiative.

The poll drop is significant and is in line with recent polling that shows the governor to be slipping in popularity. This latest poll found that “the governor’s job performance is approved by 49% of voters, disapproved by 38%. His rating is worse among all adults: 43% approval, 43% disapproval — a steep slide since it was 59%-26% in January. Polls last year had shown Schwarzenegger with stratospheric job ratings in the high 60s.”

Ahnold has a problem with the fundamentals too. “People also were asked a standard question about whether they think ‘things in California are going in the right direction or are they seriously off on the wrong track.’ Only 39% answered right direction; 49% said wrong track. In January, it was almost reversed: 52% right track, 35% wrong direction.”

Wait! I think I just heard bellowing from the general direction of Bel Air. Sounded like a man with an Austrian accent bellowing: “Maria! Get Oprah on the line!”


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