Party Pyramid

Interesting story in the in the St. Petersburg Times. Evidently the dying act of the chair of Amway, Jay Van Andel, was to give the largest contribution by an individual to a state party in Florida. And guess which party it was?

” Records show that starting July 27, he made 10 $100,000 donations to the Florida Republican Party. The money began flowing in at a time when many observers saw Florida as a tossup state that could decide whether President Bush or John Kerry won the election.

The money helped pay for a massive get-out-the-vote effort in a state Bush needed to win.

Van Andel had Parkinson’s disease and nearly missed seeing his generosity to the Florida GOP pay off. He died just over a month after President Bush won Florida and re-election – and a week after the Florida GOP deposited his 10th $100,000 check. He was 80.”

Oh well, what’s a million these days? That’s no doubt why Van Andel and the family of his business partner, Richard DeVos, “also each gave $2-million to Progress for America, an independent group that paid for TV ads aimed at re-electing Bush.”

So let’s see, that’s $1 million, then another $2 million each, so that’s $5 million, plus another $515,000 from the DeVos family to the state GOP…Yep, pretty soon you’re talking about real money.


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