This Show is Rated G for Gullible

Amazing there are still people (like my mother) out there who fall for the staged performances of the Bush crowd.

A story in the St. Petersburg Times exposes the process for how “ordinary folks” are recruited for presidential appearances. Bush speaks in Tampa, across the bay from St. Pete, Friday.

Let’s see, who would definitely support putting Social Security money in the stock market? How about securities traders?

” Susan Hartman, a Raymond James financial planning consultant, who belongs to the Securities Industry Association, sent out the e-mail searching for volunteers Monday.”

There was no question about what the President wanted to hear.

“Recipients of the e-mail sent out to employees at Raymond James were asked to explain how they wanted Social Security changed – not if they wanted it changed.”

Yes, just folks, like you and me and Grandma.

“Are they ordinary American citizens? Yes and no,” said Dennis Goldford, a political science professor at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. The White House “will look through the pool for people who say the magic words they want to hear.”

The White House does not deny this.

“When the president travels outside Washington to participate in a conversation on a particular subject, we would look at individuals who have a vested interest in a particular subject or have an important story to tell,” said Taylor Gross, a White House spokesman.

Why should they deny it? It’s working for them great.


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